We pride ourselves in giving you the quality, fit and affordability.

We offer high quality affordable tailoring using our passion and our commitment to design and quality. Remain Fashionable with Help from Our Tailoring Company in Dubai.

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Find the perfect suit for any event or celebration at Smart Look LLC.
We offer a wide range of tailored garments that help you to look and feel amazing.
Remain Fashionable with Help from Our Tailoring Company in Dubai.

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We believe in superior quality, expeditious lead times, and elegant craftsmanship. Our service is specifically tailored to make sure we always achieve the best for our customers.

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We combine modern-day sensibilities with the classic virtues of the tailor’s art. We help every client express their personality and sense of style through carefully-chosen fabrics and cuts, all brought to life through sublime craftsmanship. We’re all about getting to know you – your tastes, your preferences and the demands of your world. Only then can we create the personal look and feel that lets you consistently present your best.

“We’re known in the industry – and in the wider fashion world.”




There are many shortcuts you can take in life, but at Ascot we choose not to take any of them. Our tailors have many years of experience being at the top of their game. What drives us on is the passion for the clothing we produce. The canvas, linings and buttons are simply the best money can buy. There is no room for compromise when passion is driving you to be the best.

Why Smart Look ?

The fit is a crucial factor to make you feel well dressed and your perfect fit cannot be found among standard sizes. At Smart Look LLC you can have your dress shirts, suits, chinos and other clothes custom made. All our fabrics are carefully chosen to make a garment that brings out the best in you.